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Awards & Scholarship

Sister Joan Cassidy and Michael Cuseo

The New York Chapter of the American College of Health Care Administrators (NYC-ACHCA) will have two awards to be presented to selected nominees at the annual Sister Joan Cassidy / Michael Cuseo Fundraiser. The awards shall be the Sister Joan Cassidy Award, for the industry individual who has shown their commitment to diversity and inclusion in elder care administration and promotion of staff leadership. The second award will be the Michael Cuseo Award, for Vendors or College supporters that have the same commitment to diversity and inclusion within the industry but are not directly facility connected.


All award winners must hold a membership in NYC-ACHCA either through National Membership (Professional or Emerging Professional) or through NYC-ACHCA membership as a Business Affiliate (any level) at the time of the award. Those making the nomination must also be NYC-ACHCA members.

The nominee’s eligibility shall be based on documented administrative accomplishments in the following areas:

  • Active participation on the NYC-ACHCA Diversity and Inclusion Committee or other committee work dealing with these issues.
  • Active participation on an ACHCA National Committee targeted to D&I issues.
  • Organizations or individuals that have assisted in D & I efforts in NYC-ACHCA or in their community.
  • Improving cultural competency through educational initiatives.
  • Create partnerships between managers and staff to resolve diversity workplace issues.
  • Promote diversity and inclusivity in the workplace through education and the communication of ideas.
  • Address key areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion such as recruitment, retention, department climate or community outreach.

The Hero Award

The NY Chapter of the American College of Health Care Administrators is pleased to solicit nominations for our 2022 Hero Awards.

The ACHCA Hero Awards recognize Administrators that have exhibited exemplary leadership abilities and their staff that have positively impacted residents, staff, families, and community at large during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Award Criteria:

Award submissions must demonstrate the unique and special approach that the facility used to show exemplary leadership, implement best-practices, and employ innovative strategies to enhance the quality of life for residents during the pandemic, including restricted visitation solutions.

Areas of best practice and innovative strategies include, but are not limited to:

  1. Impact on the facility
  2. Resident outcomes
  3. Family communications / interactions / use of social media platforms
  4. Full team efforts (examples)
  5. Impact on the community at large
  6. Special Programs (recreation, parades, window visits, etc.)
  7. Infection control training
  8. Staff training / scheduling

Award Regions:

One award winner will be announced in each of the following of New York’s 10 distinct regions:

Western NY

Finger Lakes

Southern Tier

Central NY

Mohawk Valley

Capital Region


New York City

Long Island

North Country

Ralph J. Baron, Jr. Scholorship

The New York Chapter of the American College of Health Care Administrators (NYACHCA) believes that the quality of care and life of individuals served is linked to the quality of education of the administrators of the entities that serve them.  Our Past President and Region II Governor, the late Ralph J. Barron, Jr. felt the same way.  Education and professional growth of the long-term care administrator were very important to Ralph J. Barron, Jr.  In his memory, the New York Chapter has created the Ralph J. Barron, Jr. Scholarship Fund.  The fund has a singular objective:  to help underwrite the cost of education of new members to our profession and college chapter.  Each year, the New York Chapter will award $1,000 in scholarships or grants. This may be one or several awards.

For the purposes of this fund, a scholarship means a financial award to help a student of a bona fide academic institution continue (proactive) his/her studies in the field of health care administration.  A grant means a financial award to an individual to underwrite the costs of furthering his/her knowledge in the profession of health care administration.  This distinction is made to allow for funding of knowledge enhancing projects that are not part of traditional academic programs, e.g. seminars, conferences, research activities, etc.  The award can be for work already completed (retroactive) or for purposes that will be implemented 3-6 months in the future (proactive).


Individuals who wish to apply for this year must:

  1. Be enrolled in an AIT program or be enrolled in a recognized university/college training program for health care administration.
  2. Be a current student member of ACHCA at the time the application is submitted.
  3. Must agree to attend the New York Chapter ACHCA Annual Convention to accept the award.


The application for the scholarship/grant must include:

  1. Resume and documentation of current academic enrollment (if applicable) .
  2. Two letters of nomination. If enrolled in an AIT program, one must be from your preceptor.  If a student, one must be from your advisor or professional from the health care administration program.
  3. A one-page paper describing your outlook on the future in health care administration, i.e. what drives you to excel in this area, what do you feel will be your significant contributions to the profession, etc.
  4. A financial justification of why you need the scholarship or grant, e.g. hardship, already invested heavily in your education, etc.
  5. Descriptions of your career goals in the health care administration field.

Administrator of the Year and New Administrator of the Year

We need your Administrator, an Administrator who deserves recognition for the talent and professionalism he or she brings to our field.  The New York Chapter of ACHCA is looking for candidates for our Administrator of the Year and New Administrator of the Year awards.  Nominees should exemplify the true meaning of the professional healthcare Administrator.

What are some of those qualities you might ask – here are a few suggestions. First and foremost, the care and quality of life of the resident/families is always first in their decision making. How decisions affect employee satisfaction and should be a high priority with this individual. Finally, with increased stress on finances, the fiscal well-being of the facility is also a consideration on the forefront of their decisions.

Administrator of the Year

Purpose of Award

To recognize a Member, Fellow, Certified Member or Certified Fellow of the College who has demonstrated the highest professional standards as a qualified administrator in long-term care.


The nominee’s eligibility shall be based on documented administrative accomplishments in the following areas:

  • Patient Care and Administration:  The nominee’s contribution to noteworthy improvement in patient care and administration in his/her facility, or in the arena of long-term care, should have set an example for the field
  • Community Health Care Activities:  The nominee participated in constructive activities to improve health and welfare in and beyond the confines of his/her facility or in the long-term care field
  • Education or Research:  The nominee has demonstrated efforts toward education for better administration in long-term care facilities through in-service training and/or the overall field of long-term care as a preceptor, lecturer, author, faculty member, or similar educational role - or the nominee must have conducted consequential research into the internal management of a facility that has also had an impact on the field of long-term care

New Administrator of the Year

Purpose of Award

To recognize an ACHCA member who has been a practicing administrator for five (5) years or less, and who has demonstrated exceptional commitment and potential in the areas of administrative capability, leadership, innovation, creativity, motivation and attitude, as well as potential for leadership in the College.


The nominee’s eligibility shall be based on supporting documentation in the following areas:

  • Member of ACHCA
  • Practicing long-term care administrator for 5 years or less
  • Service to ACHCA
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